“Wonderfully evocative”

I found the book gripping. The language and style were wonderfully evocative – the author really has a way with words. They have conjured up a vivid picture of life in a Welsh mining town, and the lives of the people living there.

LB, Cardiff

“Clever. A Great Read”

I really enjoyed this book. It transported me to a time more than 50 years ago when I was growing up in South Wales. The author has captured those times, the aunts & uncles in the corner shop selling everything, the local Milky and men still struggling down the pit. It took me right back instantly to what was considered to be ‘safer’ times, not so for the victims, both dead and alive in this tale of evil and the supernatural. The author keeps you guessing the identity of the perpetrator subtly right to the end. The shocking realisation finally reveals how lives had not only been lost, but also destroyed without conscience or the possibility of detection. Clever. A great read.

PA, Ogmore

“guessing to the end”

A great, one more chapter, stay up late read which keeps you guessing to the end. Human emotions are to the fore in this story of loss and heartbreak set in a tight knit 1960s South Wales community.

TP, Newport

“A Moving Read”

David’s portrayal of the innocence of childhood and the honest resilience of a closely bound community during an iconic time is a wonderful and moving read.

SA, Edinburgh


Beautifully written and compelling to the very end.

AL, Sydney

“Redeeming And Emotional”

David’s passion for a time, a place and its people is in every sentence and he draws you into a lost world that fights to uphold its values and loyalties as a faceless evil threatens to tear it apart. Redeeming and emotional. Loved it!

WS, Dublin