Aden to Zanzibar by R. David

Aden to Zanzibar

By R David

In the 1960s, the hardships of coal and steel bind together the people of a small town in South Wales into a family beyond kin.

So they cannot believe someone in their midst is responsible for the disappearance of three boys.

As they struggle to come to terms with a terrible betrayal, unquestioned loyalties are tested until they break. Sergeant Phillips must find them. His reputation depends on it.

A lament for a time that may never have existed.

Psychological suspense at the margin between reality and illusion.

Two Penny Blue Book by Author R David

Two Penny Blue

By R David

Three years have passed since the boys disappeared. The small town mourns them as if in a fevered dream from which it cannot awaken. An innocent man languishes in prison.

Then it begins again.

Someone is playing a terrible game, taunting and twisting the truth, revelling in the anguish it causes.

Set in the South Wales of coal and steel during the 1960s, Two Penny Blue is the sequel to Aden to Zanzibar and the second Plain Sight novel.

Haunting psychological suspense.

Watermark Book by Author R David


By R David

It is the end of the 1960s in south wales and the winding gear over the coal mine stands like a black monument to trial and loss.

The memories of the missing boys are still raw and the deaths of those who tried to protect them are unexplained.

There is no known perpetrator, motive or reason.

The small town suffocates in its past and fears the future: is it finished?

The culmination of the Plain Sight novels.